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Notre histoire

The maison Pauvert, a gourmet institution in Annecy founded in 1894, and its quality label have been serving the residents of Annecy for 6 generations

The maison Pauvert has become a must in Annecy over the years because of the freshness and quality of its products.

André and Marie-Claire Fouanon wanted to contribute to this success, and they acquired the company 22 years ago.

André was elected Best Worker of France. He has preserved the “homemade” spirit while forming a solid team around him.

The quality of the products, prepared in the traditional manner, the sense of customer service and the guarantee of inventive cuisine using fresh products are the company’s watchwords.

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Concours gastronomiques traiteur charcutier

More than a passion, a philosophy
The alliance of tradition and youth, audacity and strictness, creativity and innovation.

  • André FOUANON: Best Worker of France 1991
  • Daniel GAUDISSANT: Best Worker of France 2000
  • Christophe MORISSON: Best Worker of France 2004
  • Fabien FOARE: Best Worker of France 2011

For generations, they have been passing on to the young employees of the Maison Pauvert the spirit of competition, the love of a job done well and the pleasure of pursuing goals, guiding them towards the path of excellence and professional success.

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Nos offres d'emploi et formation

Every year, our company creates jobs and offers training programs leading to diplomas.

Many opportunities are available, with work/study alternation and permanent contracts, reflecting the richness and diversity of our field as pork butchers/ gourmet caterers.

  •  Work/study alternation CAP /BEP /BP Caterer / Pork Butcher / Store sales
  •  Part time: Caterer / Pork Butcher / Dining Room Service / head waiter, barman
  •  Permanent jobs: Caterer / Pork Butcher / Kitchen / Store sales

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Pauvert Traiteur - Meilleur Ouvrier de France
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